“Love Me Back”

The moon is bright, but the sky is blue.

Why is it that when I look up, I think of you?

Your gorgeous hair and beautiful eyes,

It’s no doubt you’re my sun in disguise.


I looked for you in the stars, but could not find you there.

And for a moment I was convinced you didn’t care.

You rarely look at me and it’s hard not to see,

That the last person you want to be with is me.


I’ve dolled up my face and ironed my clothes,

How come I’m not the one you chose?

She’s beautiful, she’s ravishing, she’s all you’ve ever wanted.

I’m ugly and hideous and obviously haunted.


Why can’t you see me?

Are we not meant to be?

Our personalities match so well,

Or is it that being with me is like hell?


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