For Every Situation

Some say there’s a poem “for every situation” — or at least that’s what I say. So rather than you climbing through my poems to find one that fits your mood, I did it for you! These are for when…


You’re Heartbroken: 

If some jerk broke your heart in two, read a poem or two that might reflect your emotions:

You Love Someone Too Much: 

If you just realized that you’re really fallen for a special someone, dive into:

You Are Determined: 

Right now, nothing can knock you down. But, if you need an extra push read:

You Are Admiring the Past, Present, and Future: 

If you just want to sit back and reflect on the beauty of the world or your life, capture these:

You Can Finally Understand: 

When something or someone happens to come along to help you realize something you’ve never realized before, check out:

You’re Angry: 

If someone happened to hit it where it hurts or you happen to hate their life choices, delve into these:

You Don’t Love Someone As Much As You Thought: 

If you realized that your feelings were false or inflamed with infatuation, look at these:

You’re Focusing More On the Bad Than the Good: 

Sometimes we all focus on the things that hurt us the most, rather than beating yourself up about it, understand that someone knows your pain here:

You’re Stuck

We’ve all gotten to the place where it seems as though we are making no progress. If you want to read poems similar to how you’re feeling, explore these: