Another One

Its been a while hasn’t it?

But, I’m back.

And there are quite a few new exciting things that are going to take place. Let’s address the elephants in the room:

  • Scheduled posting:
    • I know, I know. After the first week, things kind of fell apart. I was having some issues with posts not posting when I wanted them to post (say that ten times fast). Not only that, but there’s this thing we like to call life. Nevertheless, once things get back on track, there will be more structure.
  • Prose:
    • Poems are great and all, but it would be nice to have a little more variety. In the near future, expect:
      • “Basic” blog posts: I’ll come up with a cheesy name for them later, but until then, these post would be in the typical blog format talking about life and whatever else comes my way.
      • Short stories: Poetry and short stories go hand in hand. Eventually, I want to take some of my more story-like poems and turn them into short stories. Through that, it would be easier for you to understand my purpose behind writing them. Until then, check out my past poems. You can find the most recent one here.
  • Completed pages:
    • After a whole month of work, here are the new pages that you can explore for a greater understanding of my blog and my poetry:
      • For Every Situation: This page categorizes all the poems that I have posted for easier reading. It will be constantly updated and is currently updated.
      • Defined: If you’ve checked out my About page, you might’ve seen a nifty little definition. No worries friends, there is more where that comes from. This page is full of all the definitions that I have created and will be updated as more come to mind.
  • New Page:
    • After much thought, I have decided to add one more fun page to my growing cache.
      • Wordspiration: In this page, I’ll be connecting most of my poems to an image that you can click to be directed to a poem. It’s kind of like my “every situation” page, but image based and not categorized. Unlike my other pages, this page will take quite a lot of work and most likely won’t be completed till late next month.

Thanks for sticking with me so far. Before you go, check out my last post “Robot” and my two newest completed pages For Every Situation and Defined. If you wish to know more about me, check out my About page. And if you would like to contact me, contact me here. Thank you!


“The Race”

I’m so close.

So close that I can feel success coating my tongue,

Taunting me with all the good that I’ve done,

I’m close to winning this race that I’ve run for so long.


One more step.

I can feel it.


The roaring screams.

I can hear it.


All I need to do is follow my dreams.

And finally I can be the person that I’m meant to be.

The person that I was crafted to be.

Far before I was aware of my existence.


Two steps back.

I can feel it.


The disappointed groans.

I can hear it.


I’ve fallen back to the spot I’ve run from.

Who knew that the race has only just begun?

After all these miles I’ve run, I’m tired.

My sell by date is long expired.


I’m running.

I’m running.


My breathing is reduced to short breaths.

What motivation do I have left?


But I’m close.

Close enough that I can taste it on my tongue.

I’ll run the race until I’ve won.

I’ll run the race that I’ve begun.


These are the parts of me that make up my heart and my soul.

The parts that have consumed the essence of my being,

And have ripped me apart limb by limb

Until there is nothing left.

All I’m left with are small, significant parts of me,

Parts that have defined me,

My anatomy.

“Love Me Back”

The moon is bright, but the sky is blue.

Why is it that when I look up, I think of you?

Your gorgeous hair and beautiful eyes,

It’s no doubt you’re my sun in disguise.


I looked for you in the stars, but could not find you there.

And for a moment I was convinced you didn’t care.

You rarely look at me and it’s hard not to see,

That the last person you want to be with is me.


I’ve dolled up my face and ironed my clothes,

How come I’m not the one you chose?

She’s beautiful, she’s ravishing, she’s all you’ve ever wanted.

I’m ugly and hideous and obviously haunted.


Why can’t you see me?

Are we not meant to be?

Our personalities match so well,

Or is it that being with me is like hell?


Look for me in the cracks in the wall.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find my heart.

If you look past my heart you’ll find my soul,

Yearning to understand the unknown.


You won’t find my head there,

It’s in the clouds.

And my body is invisible.

I’m invisible.


I creep along the walls with my invisible cloak on.

My heart’s heavy;

My heart’s beating.

I can hardly contain the pain that boils inside.


I’m there, but I’m never there.

I’m here, but I’m never here.

So, look for me in the cracks in the walls.

Maybe you’ll find me there.