“You’ve Changed”

It’s like something took hold of you, a monster of greed,

A monster of pride and high self esteem.

You wallowed in lust for a person that wasn’t there.

You spent hours in your closet searching for the prettiest clothes to wear.

Hour after hour, we would hear your big mouth talk,

Over and over you talked about your perfected walk.

It seems so distant but I remember when,

You would see me fall down and pick me up again.

And sometimes at night when my room goes dark,

I wonder what happened to the girl with the kind heart.


Talking to you is like floating in mid air,

For once I have no worries or cares.

My smile is brighter than it ever has been,

Who thought that our romance would only just begin.


But through the dark and stormy road,

Both you and I truly know,

That what we have will never hold.

Our memories will be set in stone.

“A Part of Me”

Everywhere I go, I give a part of me.

I give it to everyone I talk to and see.

To the woman I met yesterday,  

Here’s my teeth.

To the man I met last month,

Here’s a small part of my heart.

To the people on the street corner,

Here are all my toes.

To the person who took me out for coffee,

Have my fingers.

And to you,

Have my eyes and have my heart,

Because if my heart can’t beat and my eyes can’t see,

I won’t be able to give away parts of me.


An Alluring Announcement

Hi there!

I’ve been caught up in posting poetry recently and I haven’t mentioned where I wish to see this blog in the future, where it’s going, and what I’ve been doing these past few days. So, rather than keeping you in the dark, expect these changes:

  • Longer poems:
    • I have longer poems to share, but I’ve been posting my shorter ones due to the convenience of posting them on Instagram. If you would like to visit my Instagram and follow me there, click here.
  • Scheduled posting:
    • Since I’ve only just started, my posting has been a bit sporadic. So, starting Monday, here is the schedule:
      • I’ll post Weekdays at 2:00 PM EST, on Saturdays, I’ll post at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM EST, and on Sundays, I’ll post at 5:00 PM EST.
  • New, fun pages to explore:
    • I don’t want to limit my blog to my Home page, so I’ll be adding a lot more fun pages to explore. I’ll be adding two new pages to my blog:
      • For Every Situation: this blog page is completed for now and will be updated as more poems are posted. Here, you can look through the list and find a poem to match your situation!
      • Defined: this page isn’t completed, but it will be in the next few days. I’ll make sure to make another announcement when it is completed. If you’ve checked out my “About” page (which you can check out by clicking here) you might have realized that I have a nifty definition there. In fact, I have a lot more. All of them are unique and are written by me and as time goes by, maybe I’ll post some of them as a blog post.

Thanks for supporting me and I hope that you can ride along and see what I, The Terrible Poet, has to offer. Check out my last blog post “Night” and don’t forget to check out the new page For Every Situation. Thanks again!